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How to adapt your vintage wardrobe to the seasons

vintage wardrobe

vintage wardrobe With summer long gone and many of us wondering what to do with our summer vintage favorites, which vintage garments to be grabbing from our wardrobes next and how on earth to mix our all-time favorite vintage throughout

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How to create your own sustainable wardrobe

sustainable wardrobe

How To Create Your Own Sustainable Wardrobe For several years now we have been taught the value in living sustainably when it comes to food and general living eg. Reusing, recycling and repurposing, using reusable grocery bags, composting our food

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5 Vintage Essential for your wardrobe


Have you every heard the term less is more? Of course, you have, right? Who hasn’t? Well, this is so true when it comes to wearing vintage day to day – and one of the biggest lessons I have learnt

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Easy ways to add vintage to any look

FREE Shipping for orders over $150

  It’s no surprise that here at Desert Lily we just love vintage. The creativity, expression, incorporation of retro key pieces and living a more sustainable life is what really makes our heart sing. So we want to give you

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How to find the perfect pair of recycled jeans

We all love a great pair of worn in jeans that hugs you in all the right places, yet hides all of those little pesky lumps and bumps. But if you are like me you also don’t want the stress

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