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Your Mother’s Wardrobe, The Untapped Vintage Resource

Vintage Resources

We all know that fashion repeats itself, works through seasons and cycles around again so why not head to an untapped vintage resource that is at your fingertips? You will not have to look any further than your Mother’s or

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How to know what you are wearing is vintage?

wearing vintage

wearing vintage Sourcing your own vintage can be tough, confusing at times and hard to know if what you are about to purchase is vintage. The struggle will either have you running for the door or motivate you to continue

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My First Vintage Piece

first vintage piece

It was LOVE at first sight. I discovered a THRIFT STORE near where I live. I was only 14 years old. To be honest, the shop just caught my attention because things inside there were really cheap, not because everything looked pretty

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Starting Your Own Vintage Collection

That should be easy, says my head. But the moment I get inside the thrift shop, the battle between “Omg, I want this! And that! And those, too!” and “Nah, you don’t need it, and we’ll be eating instant noodles for the

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Vintage Adventures in Bali

Everyone loves holidays where you get to relax, have morning sleep ins, sip cocktails by the pool, eat great food and embrace the culture. So what better way to do that than share with you my vintage adventures in Bali.

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