Meet The Team

Sara Carney – Retro Owner

Hi retro lover,  I’m a small town girl from Perth (Mandurah) Western Australia and I want to share with you my deep pround passion for vintage retro, especially the late 60’s – 90’s. Ever since I was a little girl I have always felt as though I had grown up in the wrong era and felt a sense of belonging to the retro lifestyle. I would often day dream about the daring fashions, exquisite lifestyles and eccentric celebrities like Andy Warhol, Donna Summer, Madonna, Led Zeppelin and Jim Morrison  just to name a few.

On my thrifting / op shopping adventures I have always been intrigued in the journey that the vintage item that I had just discovered had been on and wanted to save this prized vintage gold from landfill and give it a new home and a new adventure.

My purpose and main goal in life is to improve our environmental impact on this planet by sharing my passion for vintage retro and offer a great collection of unique retro products for the bold and creative soul inside of all of us.

When I’m not deeply engrossed in vintage you can often find me spending time with my tribe of men discovering new destinations and enjoying the outdoors, blogging or sipping a great cup of tea.


Aldie Pilena – Retro Right Hand Lady

Hello! I just joined Desert Lily Vintage and I’m totally loving it here!

I am into concerts and music festivals, wearing thrifted clothes and accessories. Don’t you just love it when you standout in a sea of faces? Yup, that’s me. I am really not a fan of trends and I want to have my own personality when it comes to fashion, and thus, the love for vintage! I am all about being unique, and I really think thrift stores and vintage shops give me a different kind of satisfaction.

Like Sara, I also like to improve my environmental impact on the planet. Often times, I will upcycle clothes that I find in vintage shops and make them look even prettier (and  more appropriate as a concert outfit), and more unique.

My weekends are best spent out with friends while enjoying the local music scene. When I’m not watching a concert or spending my time shopping in thrift shops, I am, most of the time, in front of my computer watching cute videos of monkeys.