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Make This Year Your Year of Fashion Sustainability

Fashion Sustainability

Fashion Sustainability According to the Textile Beat on average Australian’s send a shocking 23kgs of textiles (fast fashion plus more) to landfill a year and are the second largest consumer of new textiles as stated by Jane Milburn. Regardless of

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Sustainable Valentine’s Day Celebration

valentines day

valentines day Many people may choke me to death by saying this but there is a hint of truth in saying that Valentine’s Day may be one of the most consumerist events of the year. Several gifts are being bought

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My Sustainable New Year’s Resolution

The year 2017 can evidently be one of the most eventful years for all of us. Be it on the large scale of things of politics, entertainment, or an environment, or it can be just in our simple, daily lives,

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How to create your own sustainable wardrobe

sustainable wardrobe

How To Create Your Own Sustainable Wardrobe For several years now we have been taught the value in living sustainably when it comes to food and general living eg. Reusing, recycling and repurposing, using reusable grocery bags, composting our food

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How To Measure Yourself For Vintage Clothing?


Why is it that when I am vintage clothes shopping it is so hard to know what size I am? This is a question I hear over and over from men and women. One of the main reasons for this

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